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Instagram Might Be Changing Their Grids & Ruining Your Pristine Aesthetic


Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images

In the early years of Instagram, switching up the number of photos displayed per row would not have made even the most avid users bat an eye.

But now? In a world where unicorn frappuccinos actually sold, baristas are printing memes of Ryan Gosling in the cappuccino foam, and all-pink Starbursts exist? Adding another photo to each row has the potential to destroy an aesthetic, wreak havoc on cohesive color schemes, and make social media managers break out into not-at-all-on-brand hives.

Rumors are swirling that the popular photo-sharing app is altering the grid layout so that it displays four pictures per row instead of three. Some users noticed Wednesday that their profile had rolled out the change overnight, spelling bad news for influencers, businesses, and that super extra girl from your high school.

Many users strive to curate their feed in a way that works with three images across, whether that involves continuity for groups of three, or the popular puzzle-piece style celebs often use to unveil new album announcements. Those affected by the tragedy are already taking to Twitter to speak out.

It’s possible that the change is a glitch, or that Instagram is still deliberating whether to roll out such a drastic update. Still, it seems more likely than not that within the next few months social media managers everywhere will be penning guides on how to adapt to the change without losing your personal ~brand.~

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