#ExplainTVShowsBadly Is Here To Ruin Your Faves Just In Time For The Emmy’s

This evening’s Primetime Emmy Awards are airing at 8pm EST/5pm PT, and Twitter is responding appropriately with the trending hashtag #ExplainTVShowsBadly.

Everything from critically acclaimed dramas to children’s shows are fair game, and users are taking to the social media platform to drag their favorite shows and to guess others’ titles through their confusing or limited descriptions.

The hashtag showcases the best of the Internet, with deeply profound, simplistic, and misguided descriptions.

Spongebob has become a critique on capitalist society.

Fast food employee fails to recognize he is a pawn in capitalistic dispute between a crustacean and protist #ExplainTVShowsBadly

— Harrison Satcher (@HarrisonSatcher) September 16, 2017

The Voice has been reduced to mere confusion.

Celebrity judges suddenly realize they are facing the wrong direction. #ExplainTVShowsBadly pic.twitter.com/bzmwg7SKwG

— Daniel E. (@WickedTags) September 16, 2017

This Friends fan called out the show’s glaring plot hole.

5 friends wonder why they keep hanging out with Ross. #ExplainTVShowsBadly

— Collin Murr (@CollinMurr) September 16, 2017

This isn’t a bad Law & Order description, tbh.

It goes "DUM DUM!" then a crime happens. Then they solve it. #ExplainTVShowsBadly

— Dee Fective (@deedles420) September 16, 2017

This is how one describes BoJack Horseman to a friend while high at a bar.

There's a horse guy and he's kind of a horse but also kind of a guy, but a little bit of horse as well, and he's sad #ExplainTVShowsBadly

— im an arteest (@ScooburtDubert) September 16, 2017

Contemporary dramas were not exempt from confusing summaries.

Where the girl from the past goes to the past and leaves her husband that's in the past in the future and marries again #ExplainTVShowsBadly pic.twitter.com/HmSSdNFm8D

— Vintage Pics & Music (@vintagexpast) September 16, 2017

This accurate Supernatural summary shakes the entire premise.

#ExplainTVShowsBadly Unfairly attractive brothers with a classic car fight the paranormal on a 12-year roadtrip instead of modeling.

— muse 🌸 (@museawayfic) September 16, 2017

Many attempted to describe Game of Thrones in 140 characters.

One Queen with dragon babies and another Queen that sleeps with her brother. Oh, and winter is always coming. #ExplainTVShowsBadly

— Jeff Dwoskin (@bigmacher) September 16, 2017

Actors joined the hashtag, as Patton Oswalt and Danielle Fishel attempted to flesh out King of Queens and Boy Meets Girl respectively.

Sexy, compelling subway token cashier constantly has focus pulled from his story by deliveryman and hot wife. #ExplainTVShowsBadly

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) September 16, 2017

12 yr old boy lives next door to an old teacher who follows him from school to school. #ExplainTVShowsBadly

— Danielle Fishel (@daniellefishel) September 16, 2017

And this cruel soul destroyed Sesame Street for all of time.

Diverse neighborhood interacts with LSD hallucinations to teach the alphabet to children #ExplainTVShowsBadly pic.twitter.com/QLJVLCVau6

— Robi Wan Kenobi (@bwonderin) September 16, 2017

Netflix should consider crowd-sourcing description-writers on Twitter next time.

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