Chipotle Just Dropped Their Queso Nationwide & No One Is Impressed

Do you remember the hype around Chipotle’s queso when it first came to their test kitchen? The amount of Facebook videos I watched of the fast casual Mexican restaurants first liquid cheese is very embarrassing.

I had the pleasure and honor of trying the queso before it hit stores nationwide and it was good, but not my favorite queso. But now Chipotle has dropped their melty cheese dip into all of their stores and people are not happy with the product.

Queso was the number one requested menu addition customer’s had so I get why they are disappointed. You want the queso to be so good you consider drinking it with a straw. The Chipotle’s queso doesn’t have that sort of je ne sais quoi. If anything it was just plain old bad.

It isn’t super creamy and congeals pretty easily. It also isn’t packed with flavor. Chipotle struggled to create a queso that sticks to their ingredient moral high ground of not having anything processed, fake or with GMOs. That’s not easy when you’re creating a cheese that is based on those three things.

The American people were really looking forward to Chipotle’s very own queso and they feel cheated. Their reactions are ruthless and rightfully so. Seriously the queso is that bad.

The Chipotle queso truly is one of the biggest disappointments of 2017. It needs to be creamy, smoother and more flavorful. We need Chipotle queso 2.0 stat! Qdoba and Moe’s are still the kings of queso for now.

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