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Ayesha Curry is an American treasure. The 28-year-old host of Ayesha’s Home Kitchen has captivated the hearts of millions of basketball lovers throughout the career of her husband, Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry. That said, she is no trophy wife. Curry is a bestselling cookbook author, television personality and now the newest face of Covergirl.

Ayesha Curry’s estimated net worth as of 2018: $16 million

Let’s see how this fresh-faced beauty got where she is today.

Early life – 2013


Curry was born Ayesha Alexander on March 23, 1989 in Toronto, Canada. At age 12, Curry starred as the love interest in the music video for “Too Young for Love” by Suga Prince. By age 14, Curry and her family moved from Toronto to Charlotte, North Carolina. Shortly after moving, Curry met her now husband Stephen Curry through a church youth group.

Curry continued to act throughout her life. Her filmography includes Underground Street Flippers,  Dan’s Detour of Life,  Love for Sale as well as guest appearances in Hannah Montana and Good Luck Charlie.

In 2011, she and Stephen tied the knot after three years of dating. They welcomed the beloved Riley Curry in 2012.

2014 – 2016


In 2014, Curry decided to pursue her love of cooking and started her YouTube channel ‘Little Lights of Mine.’ The channeled allowed viewers to watch Curry create amazing meals as well as get a glimpse into the lives of the adorable Curry family. She currently has nearly 487,000 subscribers.

In 2015, Curry and her husband welcomed their second daughter Ryan Curry.

2016 was a breakthrough year for Curry. She collaborated with celebrity chef Michael Mina at his popular Bay-Area pop-up restaurant. She also released her bestselling cookbook The Seasoned Life and she began starring in her show Ayesha’s Homemade, which follows her cooking life as well as her personal life



Currently, Curry is enjoying the joys of being a mother, wife and a businesswoman. In April of 2017, the Food Network began airing the second season of her show, which was renamed Ayesha’s Home Kitchen. 

The successes don’t stop there, though. Curry was just named a new face of CoverGirl, making her an even more dynamic businesswoman.

It looks like the sky’s the limit for Ayesha and the Curry family!


In an interview on ABC’s “Nightline,” Ayesha Curry has expressed she steadfastly shuns the title ‘NBA Wife’.

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