Budweiser & Lyft Are Giving Out Free Rides For The Rest Of 2017









America is on a mission to eliminate drunk driving and thank goodness. Shockingly drunk driving is still a problem in the states despite the numerous education programs put in place to teach kids about the dangers of drinking while under the influence.

To help lower the number of drunk drivers Lyft and Budweiser have teamed up for the ultimate giveaway, 150,000 free roundtrip Lyft rides. This is part of Budweiser’s Give A Damn campaign to reduce the amount of drunk driving that happens.


This isn’t the first time Lyft and Budweiser teamed up. Last year in 2016 the two had a similar promotion of free rides to eliminate drunk driving. The promotion was called “Meet your new designated driver,” and was still part of the Give A Damn campaign.

The National Highway Traffic Saftey Association, NHTSA says that one person dies every 51 minutes because of drunk driving every day. That means about 28 people lose their lives every day because of impaired driving. So these free rides are necessary.

According to PopSugar, the free Lyft rides are only available in 10 states by people who are 21 or older and can only be used on the weekends and holidays. Budweiser is going to announce how you can win free rides for the weekend every Thursday on their Facebook and Instagram. Turn your notifications on to get the promo codes.

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