Harry Styles’ Fans Are Not Happy About His Tour’s Merchandise Prices









It’s rare that we see people criticizing Harry Styles, but no one is perfect and his time to get dragged is here. Last night Harry’s first solo tour started in San Francisco, California and the lucky people who got tickets were quick to share the singers new tour merchandise.

His merchandise is very aesthetically pleasing, like his album cover. The only color’s used are black, white and that glorious shade of pink he loves so much. His loyal fans tweeted out photos of his merchandise table and the price chart that goes with it so fans going on later tour dates can save accordingly.


But one thing fans noticed is that his tshirts are more expensive for larger sizes. According to the price chart tweeted out, shirts sizes extra small, small and medium are $40 while tshirts sizes large, extra large and double extra large are priced at $45 a piece. The larger sizes are five dollars more than the smaller sized shirts.

Fans are not happy with Harry’s merchandise pricing and claiming it’s hurtful and fat shaming. Other fans are saying it’s only more expensive because they use more materials to create the bigger shirts.




The shirts are already overpriced and the small price it takes to create a larger sized shirt should be absorbed. Also, the cost of creating the smaller sizes should off set the cost of the larger sizes.

Either way I doubt Harry set the price of his tshirts. Hopefully his fans negative reaction will bring this to his attention and he’ll rectify it.

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