People Are Shelling Out Big Bucks To Look Like Ivanka Trump

Turns out, Ivanka Trump has become very popular with plastic surgery patients. Dr. Norman Rowe told Page Six that he has seen a dramatic increase of patients requesting to look like the President’s daughter ever since the 2016 Republican primaries.

He has had over 50 patients ask for widened cheekbones, larger eyes and a slimmer nose. It’s being dubbed at the “Ivanka” face and the Ivanka face isn’t cheap. Dr. Rowe said that to mimic her facial features the surgeries could cost clients anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 and that is just for temporary fillers. For a permanent facial change clients can be expected to pay an upwards of $50,000 to look like Ivanka.

Dr. Rowe is claiming that politics hasn’t influenced patien’s requests. He said that he has seen Ivanka requests from all political background. “I think it has to do with somebody who you respect the way they look, and I don’t think it’s anything to do with whether you’re blue or red.”

Ivanka isn’t the only person who people are getting surgery to look like. Last month Kylie Jenner‘s plastic surgeon said that surgery requests to look like the makeup mogul has increased as well.

Looks like we will be living in a world with only Ivanka and Kylie look-a-likes soon. That’s a scary thought.

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