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A mere few years ago, you probably saw the work of Teyana Taylor, who kicked off her career choreographing one of BeyoncĂ©’s singles, even if you didn’t know the girl behind the moves quite yet. Several movie roles and mixtapes later, in 2017, she closed for two fashion shows at NYFW and is continuing to lend her vocal, acting, and dancing skills. See her current net worth, and why she’s one to look out for.

Teyana Taylor’s estimated Net Worth as of 2018: $5 Million

Let’s see how she became a model, actress, rapper and dancer.

1999 – 2006


Teyana had stardom in her since her youth. She’s enjoyed the attention of an audience, having spontaneously performed for a crowd at the age of nine. Growing up in New York City, she was enrolled in multiple talent competitions, which set her up for the path she’d later take.

2006 – 2010


Teyana’s talents were realized at a young age. At only 15, she choreographed one of Bey’s hit singles, “Ring the Alarm,” and was credited for coming up with the star’s emotion-driven moves. Only a year later, she teamed up with Pharrell Williams and signed to Interscope Records. In the same year, she was featured in an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, and made a cameo in Jay-Z‘s “Blue Magic.”

Soon after, she released her debut mixtape, From a Planet Called Harlem, having collaborated with Pharrell, Frost, and Shondre, among others.

2010 – 2014


In 2010, Teyana dipped into the film industry, with several roles in Stomp the Yard, Stomp the Yard: Homecoming, and House of Glam. Later in the year, she worked with Kanye West, originally for the latter’s fashion inquiries, but the collaboration eventually turned into Teyana’s vocals being featured on two tracks of Yeezy’s album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

In 2012, Teyana left her label to pursue more creative independence and released her second mixtape, The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor. Following the release, she soon signed to Yeezy’s label, Island Def Jam Music Group and later released her first album with a major label, VII.

Teyana also began her venture into the fashion industry, and designed two sneakers in collaboration with Adidas. It was noted that she holds the record for having designed the quickest selling shoes in Adidas Originals history.

2014 – Present


In 2015, Teyana went back to the dancing realm, with a role as judge on the eighth season of America’s Best Dance Crew. After a few years of releasing more singles, Teyana sent everyone reeling with her feature in Kanye West’s music video for, “FADE,” at not just her moves but her physique.

In the spring of 2017, inspired by all the attention surrounding the “FADE” music video, Teyana launched her “Fade 2 Fit” workout program, which showcases the power of dance in achieving fitness. If it means we can ditch the treadmill, we’ll take it.


In 2017’s NYFW, Teyana dominated the runways, walking for GCDS and Phillip Plein. Though it was her first time walking, she redefined the term “strutting,” as she quite literally performed down the catwalk. Whatever industry she decides to take on next, we’ll be here for it.


Teyana Taylor sizzles in a bikini on the beach of Miami, plating around with her daughter.

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