The Photoshop On The New ‘Tomb Raider’ Promo Posters Is Just Ridiculous

We’ve seen plenty of Photoshop fails over the years. From disappearing hands to constantly shrinking waists, it just seems to get more absurd with time. These Photoshop extremities only seems to create even more unrealistic (and just plain laughable) standards for people’s bodies.

The latest Photoshop mishap comes courtesy of the new Tomb Raider movie reboot.

The film’s latest promotional poster was released via Twitter on September 18 and it seems as though Alicia Vikander’s neck is reaching new heights… literally.

Nope. Not quite right. Good try.

Immediately, Twitter users noticed the little (or should we say long?) tweak and pointed out just how wild it really looked.

One tweeter pointed out that it could have been so that viewers could see both sides of Vikander.

Another described his disdain for the whole movie idea at all.

A few pointed out some similar animal counterparts.

While some problem-solvers took care of the whole thing.

Of course, this mistake is hilarious but it also just emphasizes how ridiculous these editing tricks are. It only perpetuates myths about women’s bodies, though in this case the myth is that all women are animorphs and can become giraffes at any given moment.

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