Meet The Winner Of ‘Big Brother’ Season 19, Josh Martinez

In life, there are few things one can rely on. There are few universal, absolute truths. One of these things is that no matter what the hell is happening, you can probably turn on your TV on a weeknight and Big Brother is most likely airing. Some people love the show and other people don’t watch it closely, but either way, it keeps going and going like the rising and the setting of the sun.

Usually, the winners and losers of Big Brother aren’t particularly newsworthy because there are just so many of them and the game can be very hard to keep up with. This most reason season is the exception because the winner of Big Brother 19 is a 10/10.

Josh Martinez is a 23-year-old Cuban-American Miami resident and the recent winner of the show’s $500,000 grand prize. He made his mark on the past season of the reality show with his goofy nature, emotional outbursts and a silly dance move involving pots and pans. He also was known to refer to other houseguests as “meatballs,” which seems like a Jersey Shore reference.

Josh says he won the game because he was underestimated and many fans were happy to see him win above the underhanded and sneaky Paul. Josh’sΒ victory came as a surprise because, in the end, he won with a vote from a castmate who he didn’t like, Cody. Cody admitted that the two didn’t get along, but he appreciated Josh’s openness and ability to be unfiltered.

So, now not only is Josh hot, he’s also rich, which is a pretty amazing combination. Congrats, Josh!

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