Pennywise Dancing To Inappropriate Music Is The Newest Internet Meme

Are you tired of reading news about our favorite clown from It? So are we, but I think this newest trend deserves some recognition. As with most Pennywise news circulating around, minor spoilers ahead.

Pennywise was famous for playing on our deepest fears and horrid nightmares, but one scene from the movie either had viewers laughing or scratching their heads. You guessed it: the Pennywise dance. I’ll admit he has some serious dance skills. That balance is incredible. The iconic scene now has a spot in the meme Hall of Fame after users removed the eerie music he danced to and replaced it with more tasteful tunes.

Twitter user PennywiseDancing has dedicated their account to posting their edits for our viewing enjoyment. Here are a couple of our favorites, but you can take a look at all the other post they’ve made on their account.

Are you a fan of Cascada? If so, then you’ll love this audio edit. It really makes you wonder how you’d feel if you had to touch Pennywise.

Need to shake off the terror you felt when you watched the movie? How about we throw some Taylor Swift into the mix?

But wait! He’s supposed to be a dancing clown, right? Clowns are supposed to smile, so let’s try to turn that frown upside down with Pharrell William’s song “Happy”.

And THIS is the cherry on top. When you think about Pennywise’s cannibalistic ways, this song is morbidly hilarious and accurate.

I know I’m scared of clowns, but I can’t really find it in me to be terrified when catchy music is in the background. If you find yourself haunted by Pennywise in your dreams, pull up some videos of him dancing to funny music. I promise it’ll make you cry tears of joy rather than fear.

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