Halsey Threw Major Shade At The Chainsmokers During Her Last Performance







Halsey and The Chainsmokers are still riding the high from their smash 2016 hit “Closer.” The number of times that song has played at a college bar, or any bar, has to be close to a billion. It is always playing!

There hasn’t been any public issues between the two artists, but that may have just changed. This weekend Halsey performed at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas she said a subtle dig about her past music partners.


When “Closer” started playing Halsey announced to the crowd that she was going to skip over The Chainsmoker’s part and just sing her part, “My part’s better anyways,” she said on stage. Z100 New York caught the whole thing on video, watch and see for yourself.

It isn’t clear if this was to be taken seriously or just a fun jab. Halsey’s tone is hard to decipher, but a lot of people are taking her shade seriously. Also fans are backing her up that her part is the better half of “Closer.”


If the shade is real I wouldn’t expect another collaboration anytime soon. It’s a shame because “Closer” is such a jam and shows promise that the two artists could definitely make another hit.

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