A High School Student Collapsed In The Middle Of A Soccer Game & Died

Maddie Potts, 17-year-old senior at Chariho High School in Richmond, Rhode Island, collapsed suddenly in the middle of her high school soccer game. The captain of the soccer team was taking a penalty kick before she fell to the ground. Hours later in the hospital she past from a brain aneurysm.

The schools Superintendent, Barry Ricci spoke to The Westerly Sun about the tragic death of one of the county’s students. “Everything that could be done for her on the field was done. There was a parent who was a doctor who resuscitated her,” he said.

Daily Mail

Ricci even went to the hospital after Potts was admitted. He believed that Potts would be fine and make a full recovery. So when she passed away the next morning he was shocked.

No information has been released about what caused her brain aneurysm, but they say it is unrelated to the soccer game. Her passing has been unexpected and shocking. Potts played on the soccer team as well as the lacrosse team.

Since her passing, the school has received an outpouring of support from surrounding schools. Her classmates are asking students across Rhode Island to wear blue to their school’s sporting events this week to honor her.

Ricci said that counseling will be available for students and staff in the middle and high school. Potts’ father, Dan Potts is a teacher at Chariho Middle School.

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