A Sydney Couple Got Married At Costco & It Didn’t Break The Bank

What’s your ideal wedding? Would you like a classic church-style wedding complete with “Pachelbel Canon D” in the background? Or maybe you’d prefer a more exotic wedding in the tropics, back-dropped by a gorgeous sunset? Face it. We’ve all thought about our dream weddings at least once in our lives, regardless if we’re in a happy relationship or slumming it up with a bottle of wine on the couch. It’s okay to dream big, but one Sydney couple decided to be a bit more original with their wedding location.

Sue Berkeley and Eli Bob chose Costco as their wedding venue. No, there’s not some hidden vineyard going by the same name, nor is it a typo. I mean the Costco Whole Sale store. Now that I think about it, it’s not a bad location. The grey color of the whole store is a little dreary, but it definitely has the space for a huge party and there’s plenty of affordable food to serve.

The couple are apparently the first Australians to have their ceremony at a Costco store.

“Where else can I get married to the one I love, in the place that I love, surrounded by the people I love?” she told A Current Affair in a recent interview.

According to 9 News, the wedding was witnessed by about 90 members of close friends and family, and over 200 confused shoppers. That’s right, they didn’t close the store during the event. Guests were served the average Costco fair: hot dogs, pizza, soft drinks, and Sue’s favorite bulgogi bakes. The bakery even handled their wedding cake. Berkeley’s son, Josh, walked her down the aisle and supposedly approved his mom’s venue of choice.

“She loves this place so much and she’s here all the time. It’s like a second home,” he said. “So when she told me, it just made sense.”

9 News also reports that the catering only cost about $10 per head (Australian dollars, of course), so that’s not bad considering how much the average wedding costs these days. Some weddings can cost upwards of $200 per guest, as stated by my sister who is getting married next month. Fall just seems to be the best time for weddings, huh?


It might not match up to all of our Pinterest boards, but if the blushing bride and groom are happy then who are we to judge? I think everyone looked lovely.

For future reference, Costco stated that this event was approved because of certain circumstances and that they were not offering official wedding services. For any of you thinking of changing your wedding plans, don’t hold your breath.

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