Of Course There’s A Sexy Pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume










News broke last Friday that Kylie Jenner could be pregnant. Her dad, Caitlyn Jenner’s representatives confirmed her pregnancy the other day, but there has been no confirmation from Kylie or her mom Kris Jenner. Rumor or not her pregnancy shocked the world and has already been turned into a sexy Halloween costume.


The costume is from Yandy, a costume company that is known to turn any pop culture moment into a “sexy” costume. The Kylie Jenner costume is called “Reality Star In The Making” and the dress looks similar to a recent throwback photo Kylie posted. Yandy couldn’t use Kylie’s name for the costume name, hello huge legal battle. But it is obvious that the model is supposed to be Kylie. She is wearing a black wig that looks exactly like Kylie’s hair and is taking a selfie.


The sexy baby bump costume will set you back $59.95 and doesn’t come with the wig, shoes or iPhone. You can easily make this costume a couples costume and your partner can go as Kylie’s baby daddy, Travis Scott.

Pregnant or not, this Kylie pregnancy costume is definitely a pop culture moment and will still be super on trend come Halloween time.

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