Azealia Banks Attempted Slut-Shaming Cardi B & Failed Miserably

Cardi B made hip-hop history earlier this week by becoming the first female solo rap artist to top the Billboard 100 without a feature since Lauryn Hill 19 years ago.

She’s come a long way since posting funny videos on Instagram and her record-breaking feat is definitely well deserved. You’ve got to admit that “Bodak Yellow” has been stuck in your head for months now.

A slew of female rappers congratulated Cardi B on her success, including Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj. Each of them seemed super happy for the breakout artist of the year.`

But fellow rapper and self-proclaimed witch Azealia Banks was not impressed. Banks lashed out at Cardi B in a string of tweets that attacked Cardi’s intelligence and condemned her stripper background.

TBH, this looks like a case of jealousy.

But it gets worse. Banks went on to attack Cardi B’s looks and plastic surgery, including her butt injections, and mentioned what she called her “broken speech.”

After seeing Banks’ nasty remarks, Cardi B clapped back with a single, perfect tweet: a video of Azealia Banks dancing to “Bodak Yellow” in the club.

Enough said.

Looks like Azealia Banks is a fan. We definitely are fans, too. Congrats, Cardi!

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