A Former Nickelodeon Employee Shared The Top Secret Green Slime Recipe

One of Nickelodeon’s iconic features is their vibrant neon green slime. Growing up, getting slimed was a dream on mine. Oh how I BEGGED my parents to take me on the Nickelodeon cruise for vacation just so I could maybe get slimed out in the middle of the ocean. My dreams never came true, sad.

Nick Slime

Every time I saw a celebrity get slime dumped on their perfectly styled hair it brought me immense joy.  I don’t know why, but something about seeing someone famous covered in a gross colored goo just did it for me.

But anyways, mine and hopefully your dream is about to come true. Marc Summers, who hosted many Nickelodeon shows and Unwrapped, shared the top secret slime formula with Tech Insider. Sweet Marc gave us a brief history of the slime, which was just a refresher for me because like I said, I’m a HUGE fan of Nickelodeon slime. Then he spilled that tea AKA the slime recipe and I’m a little disappointed.

Nick Slime


The recipe is gross and edible. It’s nothing like the current slime trend, which I wasn’t expecting because Nickelodeon slime  is more liquid-y than the current trendy slime that is sweeping the youths. Marc argues that Nickelodeon slime is way better than today’s. But there is no denying, young kids and slime is a perfect combination.

Marc noted that this is the original Nickelodeon slime recipe so we aren’t sure if it’s still used today. Even though the recipe is sort of nasty, you bet that I’m making it this weekend.

Nickelodeon Green Slime Recipe


2 cups of oatmeal

3 cups of applesauce 

4 cups of vanilla pudding

3-4 drops of green food coloring

Mix the oatmeal, applesauce and prepared vanilla pudding together in a large bowl. Add the green food coloring at the end for the classic Nickelodeon green color. You can mix it up and dye the slime another color, but why would you want that?

Happy sliming!

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