The 5 Best Drinking Games Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows

As the school year is coming around, it is so exciting to know that soon we will be back with our friends, going out, goofing around and most importantly, hitting those books.

While a night out can be super fun, pregaming with the same old flip cup or beer pong can get a bit repetitive. For something new, why not try playing the drinking games that all your favorite characters play on your favorite tv shows? Here are the best drinking games to play in honor of our favorite shows.

“True American” from New Girl

The joke of this game in the show is that nobody really understands what is happening. Some eagle-eyed fans though have watched it carefully and successfully crafted a list of rules for this hilarious game.

The general aim of the game is for players to move successfully around furniture because the floor is molten lava. As players move around in the game, they take beers that have been set up in a circular formation called the castle. The winner is the person who drinks the last beer and takes a swig of the liquor in the middle.

To set up, there are four zones and each zone should have five pieces of furniture that the players can stand on.

The game begins by each player shotgunning a beer to determine who gets to go first — the winner of the shotgun contest is the one who gets to go first. Once that is decided, each player grabs a beer (aka “a pawn”) from the table (aka the “castle”) and can move to any space.

The player whose turn it is gets to make one move and the rest of the players have to win their right to move. Winning the right to move can be done in three ways.

  1. The count: The players count down and hold between one and five fingers to their forehead. Anyone with a number that no one else put up wins that round and gets to move one spot.
  2. Complete a quote: This is pretty self-explanatory but the player whose turn it is says a quote from pop culture or history and the first player who jumps in with the end of the quote gets to move one spot.
  3. Something in common: The player whose turn it is yells out two things and the other players have to name something that the two have in common.

This is repeated every round, with the person whose turn it is having the power to move one spot regardless and then being the judge for the three contests to have a chance to move.

The game is won when all the beers are taken and the “king,” a bottle of liquor, is left vulnerable. The first person who takes a drink from “the king” wins the game.

This game is literally insane but once you get the hang of it, it can be super fun.

Poker, based on Friends

Remember the episode of Friends where the girls try to beat the boys in poker and then it becomes this weird tension-y game between Ross and Rachel? Well, why don’t you one up our favorite friend group by playing a drinking game inspired by their poker night?

Each player is dealt a single card, which they put up to their forehead. You can see everyone else’s card except your own. After looking at everyone else’s cards, the dealer counts to three and then everyone who thinks that their card is the highest of the group keeps their cards up to their heads and whoever doesn’t folds.

If you fold and drop your card, you take one drink. If you stay in the game and lose, you take three drinks. If you stay in and win then you don’t have to drink. If you tie with another player for the highest card you both have to chug the rest of your drink.

With this game, you can embrace your inner Monica and put your competitive side on full display.

Quarters, based on How I Met Your Mother

During the nine season run that HIMYM had, the gang did a LOT of drinking. While they spent a good majority of their time sipping wine and beer at MacLaren’s Pub, there is one drinking episode that sticks out — “The Perfect Cocktail.” In this episode, Marshall and Barney are in a fight and Robin and Lily try to manipulate them to be friends again by giving them drinks that they know have different effects on them.

You can channel Robin and Lily in the HIMYM- themed game of Quarters. This is how you play:

Everyone playing grabs a Solo cup and pours their drink of choice into it. Then, with everyone’s eyes closed, everyone puts down their drink onto a table in the middle. Mix the cups around so that no one is near the cup that they put down. Then, instead of regular Quarters where you have to flip a quarter into any glass, you would have to flip a quarter into a specific glass.

When it comes around to your turn, you pick another player and then you would have to guess which drink is theirs and then flip a quarter into that specific cup. If you guess the right cup for the right person and get the quarter in, you get to drink the drink. If you choose the wrong cup for the wrong person, that person gets to drink it.

You will be feeling like Marshall and Barney after four drinks in no time.

Never Have I Ever, based on Gossip Girl

If you are like me, this game always sounds fun but then just gets repetitive because in a close friend group everyone already knows everything there is to know about each other. You can now play the game to the tune of Gossip Girl to see how similar you are to these wild Upper East Side teens.

Some of the turns could be:

“Never have I ever hooked up with my friend’s boyfriend.”

“Never have I ever dressed like someone else at a party.”

“Never have I ever written something anonymously about someone online.”

If you have done it, you have to drink.

See which of your friends is the wildest one there.

Most Likely, based on Grey’s Anatomy

George was labelled 007 on the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy but what will you be labelled?

This drinking game allows players to relive the biggest blunders from the show and then see who out of your friends is most likely to do the same.

Some examples could be “most likely to pop a glove during surgery,” “most likely to be late to rounds because of a hangover,” or “most likely to think of cutting the LVAD wire.”

Once the statement is said, everyone points at who they think is most likely to do the act and the person who gets the most votes has to drink.

Mix your love of socializing with your love of Netflix binge-watch sessions with all of these. Drink responsibly!

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