Twitter Is Not Here For Pause Pods For This 1 Reason

To be labeled an invention the product that is invented has to be new and typically exciting. But Pause Pods is the opposite of that. Pause Pods is a Swedish company who is currently crowdsourcing funds from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

What are Pause Pods? Maybe some cool futuristic white pod that stops time? Uh, no. It’s a pop-up tent. A pop-up tent that you can lay down in because it has a rectangle that sticks out the side for your legs.

According to their Indiegogo page the Pause Pod is “the world’s first private pop up space suitable for ALL your relaxation needs.” The promo shots for the product are HILARIOUS. They show people using the tent in the middle of work, in front of their bed and while watching their kids. I always need to take a relaxing pause right before I go to bed.

The kicker is that Pause Pods hit their goal on Indiegogo and is very close to their goal on Kickstarter. The tent is made of black out fabric and easy to set up. But listen, the pop-up tents they make for toddlers is just as easy to set up.

Also, can you imagine your co-workers whipping one of these bad boys out in the middle of the day? I would start laughing so hard. I’m not the only one who thinks this product is hilarious. Twitter thinks it’s too and they also think it’s ridiculous.

This is a tent. You invented a tent.

— Antoine Linguine (@aklingus) September 29, 2017

LOL Pause Pod? Its just a TENT!! hahaha

— Umer's Fitness (@umersfitness) September 28, 2017

Water bottles are now Thirst Companions.

Cereal bars are Carb Legos.

Tissues are Nose Friends.

— Lauren Duca (@laurenduca) September 29, 2017

wow I've never seen anything like this

— Sopan Deb (@SopanDeb) September 29, 2017

— WE ON !! (@Selfmade_Andy) September 28, 2017

"Bet you can't gentrify a tent." Challenge accepted.

— Asa Chandler King (@Asa_C_King) September 28, 2017

My guy really just pulled that shit out at the office and started grubbin a banana watching people walk by like this some normal ass day 😂

— WaxyB rad187 (@Waxyb_rad187) September 28, 2017

….When your bed's not good enough just pull out a tent instead

— ‘Mistletoe’ by Justin Bieber🎄❄️ (@amarachixo) September 28, 2017

Open plan offices have driven people insane.

— Alexander Chee (@alexanderchee) September 29, 2017

Many people responded to Insider’s tweet and suggested Pause Pods be updated with more insulation so homeless people can use them. It’s not a bad idea if you ask me because I doubt anyone will be pulling one of these out in front of their bed.

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