Celebs Are Sharing Preteen Throwback Pics To Help Puerto Rico Relief Efforts & It’s The Ultimate Sacrifice

Though social media has illuminated the imperfect worlds of stars somewhat, the word “celebrity” still conjures an image for me of coiled hair, dark stained lipstick, eyes framed with enormous false lashes and bodies so minutely attended to by trainers and chefs that they look too slender and muscled to be real.

A new social media campaign is shattering that perception and raising money for Puerto Rico relief efforts in the process.

On Wednesday (September 27), Stephen Colbert announced on his show that “for every celebrity that puts up a puberty picture of when they’re 13 and put up #PuberMe,” he and guest Nick Kroll will make a donation to hurricane relief efforts.

From America Ferrera to Gina Rodriguez to other late night hosts, celebrities delivered, and they delivered in full, in the process raising tens of thousands of dollars for oneamericaappeal.org.


If you want to share your awkward 13-year-old self to social media, you won’t be giving a donation – but you will be showing your tenacity and self-deprecation (or self-loathing.) Kroll, for one, encourages it.

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