This Girl Looks Like Ariana Grande’s Identical Twin

I wish I looked like a celebrity. My life would easy, breezy and beautiful like a CoverGirl spokesmodel. I would totally lie to strangers and say I am that famous celebrity and pose for photos and sign my autograph. So maybe it’s a good thing I don’t look like anyone famous.

But there are a few lucky people out there who get to call a celeb their twin. Alexxa Morgan gets to claim Ariana Grande as her long lost twin and the resemblance is uncanny.

It doesn’t help that Alexxa loves to wear her hair like Ariana’s signature half up pony tail.

She told Daily Mail that she loves being compared to the singer. “She’s Beautiful. I think that she is an incredibly talented singer and has a great sense of fashion.” Alexxa also said that her friends call her Ariana especially when she has her hair in a half pony. Alexxa is a 21-years-old and is a former Miss Teenage California winner.

They look like twins I swear. They are both petite, amazing brown eyes, strong brows and thick dark head of hair. Alexxa’s face is a little more oval than Ariana’s and she doesn’t have Ari’s sharp jawline, but still they look eerily alike.

Alexxa said people come up and ask her if “I have ever been told that I look like Ariana Grande.” Oh, if only they knew.

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