Halsey Was Accused Of Stealing Ariana Grande’s Outfit & Both Fanbases Went In







Looks like Halsey and Ariana Grande fans tried to stir up some drama between the two singers and Halsey was NOT having it.

Halsey is on her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour. She has been accused of being an outfit stealer, which is way worse than being an outfit repeater. She wore loose white pants, a matching white crop top and a long white duster coat. It looks eerily similar to Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Women tour look.

Since Halsey stepped out on stage in her all white look, Ariana Grande fans have been quick to drag Halsey for copying Ari’s outfit.



Things got messy fast. Halsey stans were quick to come to the singers defense and read receipts. Turns out, Halsey’s white outfit is a throwback look from her Badlands tour that was a year ago.



Apparently, the outfit copying tweet got so much attention that even Halsey noticed it. She tweeted, “love Ari! didnt know about this but it’s cool to me. My encore look varies, but I thought this was a cool badlands throwback. All love.”

The tweet she quote tweeted says, “also can we not pin female artists against each other, that trend is sad” and I have to agree on that. Anyways, where can I buy a white three piece outfit?

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