People Are Pissed At Amazon For Selling This Pro-Anorexia Sweatshirt

Amazon is in the hot seat for one of the products on their site. If eating disorders are a trigger for you, I would suggest you stop reading. The sweatshirt is called the “Anorexia Styling Hoody for Women” and it’s disgusting.

The black hoodie has purple writing scrawled across the front that says, “Anorexia, like Bulimia, except with self control.” It’s stylized like a quirky and new definition of what anorexia is. I really don’t have words except that this is gross. Anorexia and Bulimia are both disorders and diseases.

ArturoBuch is the company selling the hoodie and it’s still in stock right now. Amazon has yet to take it down despite the terrible response the hoodie has received. It has nine pages of reviews and majority of them are all one stars condemning the sweatshirt. But there are a FEW five-star reviews. They all say something along the lines of ‘I support free speech and who cares if this is triggering? No one can tell me to be politically correct.’

To not care if your clothing will damage and negatively affect a group of people isn’t supporting free speech. It’s just being insensitive. But the overwhelming response to the sweatshirt has been negative.

Even though though the overwhelming response to this hoodie has been negative it is still live on the site. Eating disorders are legitimate illnesses that take lives and shouldn’t be trivialized like this.

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