Huda Kattan Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Huda Worth Right Now?

The OG makeup guru, who pretty much created the definition of a beauty influencer, Huda Kattan has been on the scene since the start of her YouTube channel in 2007. 10 years later, she has her own section in Sephora, her falsies are loved by Kim Kardashian, and she has a following of over 21 million on Instagram. Even if you’re not too familiar with her, you’ve definitely stumbled across her Instagram feed, filled with crease cut tutorials, beauty swatches, and selfies of women showing off her products.

Huda Kattan’s Estimated Net Worth As Of 2018: $4.5 Million

See how the #girlboss amassed her makeup empire.

1983 – 2007

Huda is of Iraqi descent and grew up in various cities in the US, from Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Boston. Growing up, she learned to embrace her minority status and found her love for makeup at a young age. With help from her older sister, she began practicing making Insta-worthy eyebrows when she was 14. She attended Michigan Dearborn University for finance, but ultimately decided that the beauty industry was where she belonged.

2007 – 2010

Huda first created her YouTube channel in 2007, the year where it seems most successful YouTube bloggers first created their channels. However, she didn’t post her first video until 2012, which you can see above. Her channel has evolved greatly since then, but you can already decipher the talent she possessed while she was first making her start.

In 2009, Huda began training as a makeup artist at Joe Blasco Makeup Academy, where she earned her certificate.

2010 – 2012

According to her Linkedin, by 2010, Huda began working for Revlon as a beauty ambassador for the Middle East and worked with luxe brands like Cartier, Audi, and Mercedes.

In an interview with W, she has cited Princess Jasmine from Aladdin as an inspiration for beauty.

2012 – Present

In 2012, Huda and her sisters created HudaBeauty’s Instagram page, which currently boasts 21.7m followers. According to HopperHQ, she allegedly earns almost $18,000 USD for a sponsored post, which is fitting as she’s currently Instagram’s highest-paid influencer. However, she’s stated that she rarely does sponsorships.

The following year, along with her sisters, she created her company, HudaBeauty, of which she’s the Chief Executive Officer. Their line started off selling handmade falsies, and they quickly began to be sold in Sephora in Dubai. It wasn’t until 2015 when HudaBeauty began to be sold in the States.Over the years, the lashes have been worn by celebrities on red carpets, among them being Kim Kardashian. You can snag lashes and lip products at your local location or shop her products online.

Huda is living proof that you can start your career from scratch, balance work and family at the same time, and gives inspo to aspiring female CEO’s everywhere.


Huda Kattan has let the world know on Instagram that NYKAA is all set to launch HUDA BEAUTY in India.

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