It’s Not Surprising That A Sexy Melania Trump Halloween Costume Exists

The unofficial motto of Halloween is, “Any costume can be sexy if you put your mind to it.”

But if you’re lazy and don’t want to make your own sexy costume, the best place to buy one is Yandy. They can literally make anything sexy, even the First Lady of the United States Melania Trump. Due to legal reasons they can’t use Melania’s name in the costume, but it’s obviously her.


The title of the costume is, “Sexy Model Wife,” and is a sexy version of Melania’s Inauguration Day outfit. The costume is a long-sleeve blue crop top that has a high neck and criss-crosses in the front like Melania’s Ralph Lauren dress. It also comes with a tight high-waisted matching blue skirt.


The very small description is a dig at Melania, it’s very submissive. “Stand by your hubby in this exclusive Model Wife costume…” It’s insinuating that all Melania does is stand idly by her husband like arm candy. Yikes.

Yandy isn’t known to be sensitive. They were quick to make a pregnant Kylie Jenner costume soon after rumors were swirling about her pregnancy. They also have a sexy fake news costume.

The costume costs $69.95 and doesn’t include gloves, wig or matching blue pumps. But I would recommend buying all of the above. If you’re going to match the First Lady you have to go all out.

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