A Pennsylvania Daycare Center Received A Racist Threat For Hiring An African-American Woman

An anonymous letter was sent to a daycare center in Pennsylvania that was blatantly racist. The letter was from a parent and it’s so astounding that some people think it’s fake. Another daycare worker, Twitter user Lexi shared the letter. The letter is basically asking the daycare to fire the dark skin African-American girl they hired. It threatens the daycare that if they don’t fire her the parents will pull their kids from the daycare.

The letter reads:

Hello I am writing this as a concerned parent and friend! So most of us noticed you have a black girl working for the daycare. Our problem is she’s too dark most of the kids is scared of her. I am only telling you this because some of us are planning to pull our kid form the daycare shes an eye sore. I see you’re trying to touch all of the nationalities but maybe hire a light skinned black she would blend more and not look like a “NANNY”. She’s not the first thing a child nor the parents want to see soon as they walk in the daycare. So the choice is yours! Choose wisely remember WE THE PARENTS PAY YOUR MORTAGE. I hope you make her aware shes not wanted. I’m sending her a copy as well. However if she needs a job Mcdonalds is always hiring her kind. So work your magic and make it disappear!!! P.S. Just trying “TO MAKE YOUR DAYCARE GREAT AGAIN”

This is obviously racism and discrimination. Trying to get an employee fired because of their skin color is textbook racism. Calling her a nanny is feeding into the stereotype that all black women are either a Mammy, Jezebel or Sapphire. Not only is the person who sent this letter a racist, but they are in dire need of a grammar and spelling class.


After Lexi’s tweet gained lots of attention she stopped answering users questions about the letter. The daycare had hired a legal team to try and figure out who sent the letter.


Many people think this letter is a joke, but it is not. Racism is alive and well in America and it’s becoming more acceptable to say outlandish racist stuff like this letter. This shouldn’t be shocking to anyone because it’s the reality black American citizens live.




Hopefully the lawyers will be able to pinpoint who sent the letter and the daycare will be able to take action. Fighting racism is important even for white people who benefit from it.

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