This Mother Was Killed In A Car Accident After Seeing Her Premature Babies At The Hospital


Katie Evans recently became a mother again growing her kid count from four to six. Her last two kids are premature babies, Sarah and Hannah and they aren’t even eight weeks old. Katie was driving home after visiting Sarah and Hannah in the hospital, a thing she has been doing every day since they were born, when her car was hit dead-on and she died.


According to People, Katie was nearly home from the hospital before she was involved in the horrificĀ car accident. When Katie didn’t come home at the time she usually does her husband Jacob called his sister-in-law Caralee worried about her.

A spokesperson from the Santa Clarita Sherrid’s Station said that the 21-year-old who caused the accident went across the median into oncoming traffic and hit Katie’s vehicle head-on. She was allegedly thrown from her car and was pronounced dead at the scene. The police are still investigating the crash and have yet to announce if alcohol played a part in the accident, despite the family saying it was a drunk driver.


Katie’s tragic death has caused the community to reach out to Jacob and their six kids. Jacob’s brother Michael said, “We have a rough road ahead of us, trying to figure out how to handle everything,” but the support from their various communities has been overwhelming.

Before Katie passed she spoke out against Trump’s health care bill that can affect her eldest son, who’s autistic, and her two premature babies.

Since Katie’s death, the family has started a You Caring crowdfunding page to help support their children. Katie left behind six children, Spencer, 12, Nathaniel, 11, Gideon, 2, and the two newly born twins Hannah and Sarah.

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