This Woman Married Her Dog & We Have So Many Questions

Dogs are too pure for this world. They’re not called “man’s best friend” for nothing. Who doesn’t love dogs? You’d probably do a lot for your furry friend, but how far would you go? Well, one British woman is taking her love for her pet to new heights.

According to the Mirror, Wilhelmina Morgan Callaghan and Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan have been married for eight years. If that doesn’t sound remarkable then sit down. Henry is Wilhelmina’s pet dog.

Wilhelmina says that Henry is not only the perfect cuddle buddy, but he also shows unconditional love and devotion, something she’d never found before in human partners.

They don’t always agree, but Henry is her “king” and her rock and she believes in their love story.

Wilhelmina adopted Henry in 2008 from a friend and the two have been inseparable ever since. Wilhelmina decided to take things a step further when she found out that other people were marrying their pets online.

Back in 2009, a year into their marriage, Wilhelmina lost her job at a local morgue and tried her hand at being a freelance embalmer. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much money doing that, but she claims ethat Henry was always there for her every step of the way. She says that when tensions arise, Henry is the first to apologize and make peace. They even have their own song, “Harry’s Song.”

It isn’t legal to marry your pet in the United Kingdom, but Wilhelmina doesn’t care. They had a spiritual ceremony and she takes their marriage certificate as a serious symbol of their love. “He’s been there more for me than any man,” Wilhelmina says.

Well, let’s hope they never get divorced. He’ll really be in the dog house then.

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