This Boyfriend & Girlfriend Tragically Both Died One Day Apart

Hayden Kennedy and Inge Perkins were the outdoorsy and adventurous couple you love and hate a little because you’re the type of girl who would rather eat a meal and watch Netflix than go rock climbing.

Unfortunately, Kennedy and Perkins’ last adventure together had a tragic ending. The coupled were skiing on Imp Peak in the southern Madison Range in Montana and they triggered an avalanche. The couple was skiing in a narrow part of the mountain at 10,000 feet above sea level.

Perkins got trapped and buried in the avalanche. Kennedy was only partially buried in the 150-foot-slide and eventually freed himself and hiked to find help after he couldn’t locate Perkins.

A day after Perkins died in the avalanche Kennedy took his own life because he was so distraught. He was found dead in his home the following day. In a statement that his parents released, they said, “Hayden survived the avalanche but not the unbearable loss of his partner in life.”

Two weeks before Perkins died, Kennedy wrote in his blog about how the mountains are a beautiful place but also an unforgiving terrain because he has lost so many friends to accidents. “I’ve realized something painful. It’s not just the memorable summits and crux moves that are fleeting. Friends and climbing partners are fleeting, too,” he wrote.

Kennedy was working on his EMT certification and Perkins was working on her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and education at Montana State University before they passed.

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