A College Student Died & 10 Fraternity Members Have Been Charged With Hazing







Maxwell Gruver was a freshman at Louisiana State University and decided to join a fraternity, little did he know that this would cost him his life. On September 14, 2017, Gruver was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in the Phi Delta Theta house. He was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital. Hazing was speculated to be the culprit, but now that the investigation is over we know it to be true.

New York Daily News

Details about what sort of hazing Gruver endured hasn’t been released but the names of the ten members of Phi Delta Theta who are responsible for his death have been released. According to WSFA, eight of the men who have been charged are enrolled at LSU and two others are not currently students.

All ten of the men were charged with hazing.¬†Only one Phi Delta Theta member, Matthew Alexander Naquin was also charged with negligent homicide along with hazing. The nine other men who were charged are Zachary Castillo, Elliott Eaton, Patrick Forde, Sean Paul Gott, Zachary Hall, Ryan Isto, Hudson Kirkpatrick, Sean Pennison and Nicholas Taulli. Gott and Ford are the two who aren’t enrolled at LSU.

Gruver was extremely intoxicated when his fraternity brothers found him laying on a couch in the house. Later on in the night he was still on the couch and allegedly had a weak pulse and they¬†couldn’t tell if he was breathing.

Phi Delta Theta has a strict alcohol-free housing policy that was implemented in 2000. The policy means that no Phi Delta Theta properties are allowed to have alcohol or the consumption of alcohol at any time. But obviously that was broken and a minor lost his life.

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