University Of Hawaii Sent Students An Email About Nuclear War


University of Hawaii students got a concerning email from the college’s administration about preparing for a nuclear war. The subject line of the email reads, “In the event of a nuclear attack,” that would freak anyone out.

In the email itself, it starts out talking about North Korea and the countries nuclear missile tests. “In light of concerns about North Korea missile tests, state and federal agencies are providing information about nuclear threats and what to do in the unlikely event of a nuclear attack and radiation emergency.”

Uh, federal agencies are helping plan a nuclear attack plan. That is terrifying and also a huge red flag. The rest of the email broke down what students should do if there is ever a nuclear missile headed to the island.

Allegedly, North Korea has successfully developed long-range nuclear missiles that can reach Hawaii. But America has successfully been able to intercept similar missiles, but it’s still a scary thought.

According to Cosmopolitan, Dan Meisenzahl, a spokesperson for the university said that the email wasn’t supposed to cause students distress. It was just a cautionary precaution email to prepare everyone at the university. Students have enough to worry about already! Now between papers, group projects and extracurricular activities they have to worry about nuclear war, fantastic!

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