Teen Boy Proves That Fenty Beauty Is The Best Way To Get A Homecoming Date

Over the years, teens have gotten more and more creative with their homecoming and prom proposals. From asking celebrities to choosing an unconventional photo op venue, it’s no longer enough asking a peer after class with flowers in hand.

High schooler Alec Kealey set the bar high for others with his Homecoming proposal for Shania Tran. What was his convincing element? None other than Fenty Beauty’s Killawat Highlighter. Among Rihanna‘s line, the highlighters have been one of the most raved about products. Rihanna isn’t just creating inclusive beauty products, she’s also helping young love.

Kealey wrote on his poster, “Light up my night at hoco?” He also had a bag of Fenty makeup products. Friends caught the moment on camera, as Tran was caught off guard, and Kealey tried to make sure the wind didn’t blow his poster away.

Tran told PopSugar, “Alec knew that I loved the Fenty beauty line and was so excited when Rihanna released it.”

Not only does Tran have a Hoco date, but she’s got bomb makeup products to use the day of the dance.

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