These Toddler Wedding Photos Are Either Really Cute Or Really Disturbing

Breana Marie and Bria are both professional photographers in Flint, Texas. The two photog friends decided it would be cute if they dressed their kids up as bride and groom and took toddler wedding photos. Breana’s 3-year-old daughter, Ella was the groom and Bria’s 5-year-old son, Sullivan was the groom.

The photographs have receivedĀ a mix reaction to the photoshoot. The kids are super cute, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of people are saying that the photos are disturbing.

Breana Marie Photography/Facebook

The moms say that Ella and Sullivan are really good friends and would hold hands when together. That is why they decided to have a fake marriage for them. Breana told ABC News, “We told them they were getting married and found a little baby-sized ring box. I told her she got to dress like a princess for her wedding.”

Breana Marie Photography/Facebook

The photos look cute, but the marriage and the idea of a relationship have definitely been pushed onto these toddlers from their moms. “I would die of happiness if they got married in the future,” Breanna said.

Some critics of the photoshoot said that it encourages the idea that men and women can’t have normal friendships without a sexual/romantic component. What most critics are saying is that these kids are too young and shouldn’t be worried about a relationship or marriage. Forcing them into a relationship so young is sexualizing them.

The moms told BuzzFeed that this photoshoot was supposed to fun and not impose anything creepy and sexual. They have received lots of disturbing threats and comments over the photos.

Despite the moms not having sexualized intentions, the photos, especially the almost kissing one, give off a creepy vibe.

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