You & Your Pet Can Now Take On Happy Hour Together

Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered, “Does she need a wine night, too?”

Well, turns out she definitely does.

Pet Winery, a Florida-based company run by animal enthusiasts, makes mock alcoholic beverages that are perfect for a furry pal’s night in. All the beverages are made from US organic ingredients, enriched with vitamins and completely alcohol-free. According to their website “all products are produced in a food grade lab in a ISO7 clean room.” The faux-boozy beverages also have super-cute names and can be enjoyed (responsibly) by felines and canines alike.

I mean, come on. How cute are the names of the beverages?

Besides making day-drinking way more fun for both you and your pet, the revenue collected from each bottle purchased goes towards helping other furry friends in need. A portion of all sales is donated to Pet Winery’s “Featured Rescue of the Month,” where the company chooses to help a different shelter or rescue facility every month. They provide customers with the option to make a donation at checkout and all of those donations go to the rescue.

Cheers to saving the lives of animals everywhere!

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