Buffalo Sauce Lattes Exist Now & 2017 Is Cancelled

I have no objection to breathing in the seasonal comfort of a pumpkin spice latte on a brisk fall day. I have maintained my calm during the unicorn frappuccino madness, accepting the allure of a well-curated Instagram feed. I ignored, though tolerated, the subsequent narwhal frappuccino, the mermaid frappuccino, the dragon frappuccino.

But I draw the line at buffalo sauce lattes. This may well be no less than we deserve in 2017, but Tim Horton’s new limited-edition beverage sounds like a combo we would all be force-fed from oversized plastic bongs in hell while elementary school acquaintances we never liked all that much gather round us, shouting: “What’s new? How are you?” in unison.

The brew (that word feels appropriate here) is made from espresso, steamed milk, mocha, and bold Buffalo sauce flavor, topped with whipped topping and a “dusting” of zesty Buffalo seasoning, a press release states.

“Tim Hortons and Buffalo sauce were both born in 1964, so why not take these two Buffalo staples and combine them?” Stephen Goldstein, Tim Hortons’ Regional President, implored. “The unlikely pairing of sweet mocha and tangy Buffalo sauce come together to create an unexpectedly delicious sweet and spicy treat we hope our guests will enjoy.”

If your curiosity is overcoming your good sense, the drink is $2.79 and available at two Tim Hortons locations in Buffalo, New York until October 20th.

If your good sense is winning out, enjoy these tweets.

No no Canada what is u doin

— lil ang (@imangelabradway) October 12, 2017

Been on the verge of throwing up for a couple hours now, and Tim Hortons having a "Buffalo Latte" might be what pushes me over the edge.

— Louis All Is Calm All Is Bright-zman (@LouisPeitzman) October 12, 2017


Tim Hortons unveils Buffalo Spice Latte in U.S. "Finally!" said the one person who likes Buffalo sauce THAT much.

— 22Minutes (@22_Minutes) October 13, 2017

Me: *orders Buffalo Latte*
Tim Hortons Worker: would you like whipped topping?
Me: Uh can I get bleu cheese?

— Andy Fields (@afields97) October 12, 2017

This has gone too far.

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