Kelly Clarkson’s Girl Crush On Gal Gadot Is Adorably Relatable

If I were to give a speech and Gal Gadot were in the audience, I too would end up catering the speech to the real-life Wonder Woman, gushing about her otherworldly beauty and talents to the all-too-understanding group assembled.

At Variety’s Power of Women lunch Friday, Kelly Clarkson gave a speech after being honored for her work with education organization XQ Institute. She discussed the importance of standing up for yourself and investing in family and friends. She also discussed Gal Gadot.

“She’s not only one of the most beautiful people, she’s also like, a really great actress and really intelligent,” she enthused. “I saw her on Jimmy Fallon, and I was like, ‘You know, screw you. B-tch got it all. She got it all.'”

The audience laughed, likely in total and complete agreement of Gadot’s magical essence.

“We have to work so hard. She just naturally, innately [is] awesome at everything. She’s so funny; I was like, ‘Ughh.'” Clarkson threw up her hands.

“But I do; I love you,” she continued, addressing the Amazonian directly. “I can’t even believe I’m looking at you. We’ve been talking about you at our table. You got up to — I don’t know — pee or something, and I was like, ‘Well.’ Like, so different.”

Watch the entire clip below.

A full report on their impending forever friendship will be coming soon.

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