Demi Lovato Fell In Love With Joe Jonas During This ‘Camp Rock’ Scene

There are few Disney Channel movies that are a better escapist cure for this political climate than Camp Rock. Between Demi Lovato’s aw-shucks demeanor so contrary to her current persona and Joe Jonas’ over-straightened hair, the film is a gold mine for wholesome, feel-good nostalgia.

Now, there is even more of a reason to go back and revisit the iconic flick, because Demi Lovato revealed that she actually fell for Joe Jonas during filming.

Watching back her old movies on Youtube, the 25-year-old “Sexy Dirty Love” singer pauses when she sees Mitchie approaching Shane, who is playing guitar.

“This is the moment I frickin’ fell in love with him,” she admits, blushing. “In real life.”

When her friend compliments her acting, she grins.

“Thanks. I wasn’t acting much.”

Lovato also reveals that they had their first real kiss on-camera, so all of that on-camera teenage angst and tension is totally and completely authentic.

IMPORTANT: This means that when Joe Jonas was singing “You’re the voice I hear inside my head the reason that I’m singing,” he may well have meant it, and that when Demi is smiling big, holding Joe’s hand tentatively after they duet together during the final performance, it mirrored her own ~true feelings.~

Ah, young love. The rest, as you know, is history. (Okay, the rest was one month of dating.)

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