McDonald’s Introduced A ‘Millennial’ Burger & Twitter Has Some Suggestions

Last summer, McDonald’s announced that it is rolling out burgers with kale and Sriracha Mac sauce, a move that many consumers applauded. While the news itself didn’t prompt an overwhelming online response, a resurfaced tweet about the “millennial” burgers has launched an all-out meme.

Inc. titled an article about the kale burgers “McDonald’s Just Rolled Out Radical New Burgers With Millennials’ Favorite Ingredient,” back in July. Now, three months later, millennials are revisiting the tweet to consider what exactly their “favorite ingredient” might be.

From student loan forgiveness to universal healthcare to rose gold to avocado toast, people are 100 percent sure that millennials’ favorite ingredient is not kale.

McDonald's Just Rolled Out Burgers With Millennials' Favorite Ingredient

— Inc. (@Inc) July 18, 2017

Consider your deepest millennial desires with these hilarious entries.

didn't realize you could put student loan forgiveness in a burger

— Kate Aronoff (@KateAronoff) October 13, 2017

how are they gonna make a front facing camera delicious

— Joel Arthur (@joelcifer) October 13, 2017

Never had a burger with "being content with yourself and not emotionally exhausted in an age of social media", excited to taste

— Nikhil Krishnan (@nikillinit) October 13, 2017

15 years from now, McDonald's announces their fidget spinner burger with great fanfare.

— Don Zeko (@Don_Zeko) October 13, 2017

tumblr pink?

— holly jolly jeff meltz (@thecultureofme) October 13, 2017

how do you get universal healthcare on top of a burger

— Panettone Munching Systemâ„¢ (@PrototypeCube) July 18, 2017



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