Trump Joked That Mike Pence Wants To Kill All LGBT People

The difference between Trump’s presidency and Obama’s is so stark that they are basically opposites. Obama and his Vice President during his two terms in office, Joe Biden were vocally supportive of LGBT rights. The Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide while they were in office.

Trump and his ultra-conservative Vice President Mike Pence are less than vocal about LGBT rights. Trump declined to recognize Pride Month that is every June. Now a new profile on Pence shows that the presidency’s hatred towards the LGBT community is violent.

Jane Mayer wrote a profile of Pence for The New Yorker. In the profile, it says that during a meeting with a legal scholar Trump criticized Pence’s stance on abortions and LGBT rights.

Confirmed by two sources, Trump said that Pence wants all LGBT people dead. When the conversation moved to gay rights Trump gestured at Pence and said, “Don’t ask that guy – he wants to hang them all!”

The vice president’s office has yet to make a comment on the quote, but based on previous behavior it is doubtful it will be addressed. Wanting to kill someone based on their sexuality is considered a hate crime. For someone at such a high position of power to make a comment like this is appalling.

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