A Miracle Dog Survived The Tubbs Fire & Kept Other Animals Alive Too

Northern California has been experiencing a terrible wildfire. People have been evacuating their homes because of the Tubbs Fire. Roland Tembo Hendel and his family evacuated their property in Sonoma County, but the left their one goat-herding dog because he refused to leave their eight goats behind. When Roland left he didn’t think they would ever Odin, the dogs and their goats ever again.

When the family returned to their property they weren’t expecting to find Odin and the goats. The Hendel’s house and every structure on their property were burned down. “We were able to make it back to the smoldering wasteland of our forest,” Hendel wrote on his Facebook.

While surveying the property the goats appears and ran towards them. Odin was behind them limping with burnt fur. Odin managed to keep the goats and a few deerĀ alive during the fire. Only one goat was burnt on its backside, but besides that, every animal was okay.

Because everything of the Hendel’s has been burned down they have Odin, Tessa and the rest of the animals in a safe shelter. They are staying at the Sonoma County Event Center Fairgrounds. Odin’s paw-pads are a little burned, so he’s laying down more than usual, but his health is fine!

The family had a YouCaring crowdfunding to raise money to rebuild their house and barn. Their goal was $45,000 and have received over $62,000 of donations. With the overflow of funds, the family has decided to every extra $1 received half of it will go towards Odin, Tessa and the goat’s replacement trailer and the other half to the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue Center. Once the trailer is covered for all of the remaining raised will go to the SCWRC.

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