Meet Anna Faris’ Mysterious New Man, Michael Barrett

We were all pretty shocked when Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split up. By pretty shocked, everyone pretty much stopped believing in love and held an actual funeral service for the one relationship that we thought we could rely on. Our nation developed trust issues overnight (something we probably should have done after the presidential election, but I digress). It was hard to imagine either Anna or Chris with someone else. 

Now we don’t have to imagine it. Anna Faris has moved on and this man isn’t exactly a household name.

Faris was recently spotted drinking a few beers and enjoying some relaxing time a carnival with Michael Barrett, a 47-year-old cinematographer. They also linked up in September, heading to a seafood restaurant for a romantic date night.

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Who is Michael Barrett? You might not recognize his name, but you’ll definitely know a few of the movies on which he’s worked. Barrett served as a cinematographer on several different comedies, including Ted, Ted 2 and You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. They make for a funny pair, as Faris has her own fair share of comedy experience.


The two may have met on the set of Overboard, though they weren’t linked as a couple until recently.

Before his recent foray into celebrity boyfriend fame, Barrett, a California native, graduated from UCLA with a degree in Art History. After that, he headed to grad school at Columbia. If anything, we know he’s definitely smart and talented.

He’s won a few awards for his work, including a big win at the 2003 American Society of Cinematographers’ ceremony.

After rumors of their growing fame causing a rift between Pratt and Faris, she may be looking for someone a little bit more “normal” and Barrett seems to be just that. Though he has his own career in entertainment, he’s generally out of the spotlight.

For their part, Pratt and Faris remain amicable, raising their son Jack and working on their own separate projects. So far, Pratt hasn’t moved on with anyone new.

Despite being shocked about the split, we’re happy for Anna. Even if it may have been hard to picture her with someone else, she’s showing us exactly that. Her happiness is the top priority. We might just believe in love again.

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