A Victoria’s Secret Angel Outed A Magazine For Publishing Her Nudes Without Her Consent

Sara Sampaio is being vocal about the abuse she has endured in the modeling industry. The Victoria’s Secret Angel has specifically called out French magazine Lui for publishing nude photos of her without her consent.

In her Instagram post she explained how the problematic photoshoot went. Sampaio and her agency had a clear agreement in place with Lui that she will not be shot nude. But when she arrived on set she was still pressured to pose nude, “I was aggressively pressured to do nude shots on set, asking me why I didn’t want to my nipples or go fully nude.”

Throughout the day she had to keep defending her decision to not be photographed nude. When reviewing the final images she spoke up about a few shots that showed had “accidental exposure” and she was “assured that those images would not be used.”

But Lui lied and not only published those nude images but used one for the cover. The cover showed parts of Sampaio’s areola and clearly, in her statement, she didn’t want her nipples shown.

Sampaio explained how this behavior is very common in the modeling world. When she didn’t want to pose nude she would be showed other nude images of her as “examples to coerce me into posing nude,” even after she would state she doesn’t feel comfortable doing so. She explained how she is comfortable being nude in certain circumstances and she is very selective with her nude shoots.

She posted her story with the hashtag #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse, which is perfect and true.

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