Southwest Airlines Celebrated Their All-Female Flight Crew In The Best Way

Southwest Airlines celebrated a “first” this week. The airline had their first all women crew on their brand new Boeing Airplane.

The crew celebrated by snapping pictures of the four women flight attendants and two pilots. Southwest tweeted out the photos of the “unmanned” crew, which is what the airline calls their all female crews.

The first "unmanned" Southwest flight on a @BoeingAirplanes 737 MAX 8! All-female Crew pic taken before flying STL – SFO.

— Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) October 18, 2017

According to PopSugar, the flight that was run by women was on Wednesday, October 8 on the new Boeing 737 MAX 8, from St. Louis to San Francisco. This isn’t Southwests’ first “unmanned” crew, just the first for their new set of planes.

Southwest fans loved the tweet and praised the airline for their first of many “unmanned” crews on the new planes.

I love it! Southwest just keeps reminding me why it's the only airline I am 100% loyal to!!

— Nelle (@nellerohlich) October 18, 2017

— Thirtysomething Wino (@30somethingwino) October 18, 2017

.@Southwestair, thx for helping #inspire my daughters on what is possible and reinforcing they can become #empoweredwomen. #avgeek

— Adrian den Hartog (@a_den_hartog) October 19, 2017

Yes! I just hope that every crew member are paid equally, not less because of sex. Love the pink tie. #flylikealady

— Dianaliss & Nixsa đź‘­ (@Junio_ocho) October 19, 2017

It isn’t shocking that Southwest would tweet about their unmanned crew. This is the airline that made the cabin lights pink when planes landed in Washington DC during the Women’s March.

Even though this isn’t the first ever unmanned crew, it’s still cool to celebrate. It’s not every flight you get a full women crew.

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