These 5 Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands Are Breaking The Binary

Since we were born, our genders were decided for us, and we most likely adapted to society’s gender expectations. As girls, we were most likely dressed in pink, with floral embellishments, while boys are stereotypically dressed in blue and a striped or plaid combination.  However, as we’ve grown, some have decided whether or not they identify with a specific gender identity. Gender identity exists outside of the binary and we shouldn’t have to conform to a set gender. Celebrities like Ruby Rose, Jaden Smith, and Miley Cyrus have famously discussed their gender fluidity, and it’s only a matter of time before more and more start speaking out.

When it comes to clothing, we know the all-too-familiar layout of stores separating the men’s section from the women’s section. No matter your sexual orientation or gender identity, or lack thereof, clothing shouldn’t be limited to a certain gender. Women, however, tend to have more gender leeway in fashion. Thankfully, the lines are beginning to blur. Designers have been taking notice and are incorporating gender-neutral clothing into their collections, as evident with the Raf Simons for Calvin Klein line and Jeremy Scott’s runway show of this past year. Here are the gender-neutral clothing brands you should be noticing.

1. NotEqual

Brazilian designer Fabio Costa finished second in season 10 of Project Runway. Though he didn’t earn first place, he’s taken his talents and used them for NotEqual, a clothing line that takes genderless form.

2. Rad Hourani

The clothing features simple prints and textures and Hourani “…sees modernity as an odyssey free of nations, gender, age, race, limits and conditioning.”

3. OneDNA

An emerging brand, OneDNA is based in NYC and is knocking down the separation between male and female style. While the currently available clothing is limited, you can the signature style on the brand’s Instagram, from the incorporation of bright colors to the oversizing.

4. Muttonhead

A Canadian brand, Muttonhead doesn’t feature models wearing the clothes, as they’re open to interpretation. Most likely intended for the outdoors, the versatile clothing gives off cozy winter vibes.

5. FLAVNT Streetwear

Based in Austin, the brand is known for their “bareskin binder.” A half binder and sports bra is combined to create a movement-promoting top, and the product has been selling out each time it’s restocked. Backed by an all-women manufacturing team, the brand is also modeled by members of Texas’ Queer Community.

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