The 2017 Starbucks Holiday Cups Might Have Arrived & They Sure Are Jolly

While politics may be controversial, everyone knows the real issue that can divide a family faster than anything else — the Starbucks holiday cups.

In the past, the popular coffee retailer has come under fire for their apparent “war on Christmas.” In 2015, Christian groups across the country claimed Starbucks was attempting to wipe all Christmas references from their special holiday cups. For that year’s cup, the retailer went for a more minimalist design. They decided to nix all quotes, ornaments and snowflakes and instead opted for a signature red cup with the green Starbucks logo.

Though the retailer sells dozens of holiday and specifically Christmas-themed gift cards, tumblers and mugs, it seems they cannot catch a break. The simple red and green cup design caused controversy due to its lack of overwhelming Christmas appeal — despite it being the exact colors of the holiday.

This past controversy makes the possible new Starbucks holiday cups even more exciting for those invested in keeping the brand Santa Claus approved.

On Friday, Redditor DarthSpoopy posted a photo what may be the coffee chain’s newest holiday cup. Along with the photo, the user wrote a caption saying “Just got it in our order. Holiday short cup design!??”

The cups are white, surrounded by different holiday-themed red and green doodles. Among these doodles are a Christmas tree and wrapped gifts.

It’s unclear how the Reddit user captured the photo but it was taken down soon after. However, that didn’t stop a few news outlets from capturing screenshots.

The official Starbucks holiday cup will be unveiled in November. One thing is for sure however, it sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. At least at Starbucks.

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