Starbucks Is Getting Spooky & Releasing A Zombie Frappuccino

Move over Pumpkin Spice! Starbucks is breaking out of its normal fall habits and dropping a new exclusive fall drink.

First there was Maple Pecan Latte, which is fine, but Dunkin Donuts has had one for years. But now rumors are swirling that Starbucks is coming out with a Zombie Frappuccino for Halloween and I’m more excited about this than the Pink Drink.

The leak started when a new barista posted a picture of the sidewalk ad she drew for the new drink. It shows a green frappuccino with whipped cream covered in pink syrup.

Another Starbucks employee tweeted out the exact dates the frappuccino will available. It’s super limited, not as much as the Unicorn Frappuccino, but still, it’ll be hard to get. It will launch on October 26 and be available until October 31.

Starbucks hasn’t confirmed or denied anything, but I think the chances of the Zombie Frappuccino being real are high and likely. Supposedly the Zombie Frappuccino will taste like Green Caramel Apple. Even though I’m a little sus about the flavor I’m definitely going to get in line for this exclusive Halloween drink.

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