This Compelling Burger King Ad Will Have You Reaching For Tissues

Brands often miss the mark when it comes to creating advertisements centered around social or political issues. All too often they come off as insincere, or — as with the recent Dove advertisement — outright offensive.

That’s what makes it so remarkable that in its new anti-bullying video, Burger King is not only garnering compliments, but actually moving its viewers to tears. (Yes, I am one of those viewers. Watch it before you judge me!)

In the ad, the fast food workers destroy cheeseburgers while actors portray a group of bullies targeting a schoolmate. While most of the customers complain about their burgers, very few do anything to help the child being bullied.

Of course, it isn’t a perfect comparison, but the video is powerful in spite of itself, and makes a strong case for how many people will ignore something terrible happening right in front of their eyes.

I’m not the only one left misty-eyed by the ad.

Watch it for yourself.

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