#WhyIWrite Is Trending On Twitter & The Responses Are Inspiring

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Writing can be for profit, for expression, for identity, for awareness, for a raw and desperate need to put emotions on paper. Many writers write because they feel they must, because they get a gnawing urge to work through their furies and thoughts and ideas and must act on it.

#WhyIWrite  started trending on Twitter this week, and the responses are illuminating. While some are writing to elevate underrepresented voices, others are using the tool for therapy, and others still to make the world a better, more honest place in some small way.

From the journalists who risk their reputations and lives to report the truth to novelists who make us fall for fictional people and places, writing matters — and now writers are sharing why they do it.

Some writers write to elevate the voices of POC and minorities.

Others feel a moral calling.

Many writers use their gift to heal their inner demons.

Some want to create a sense of community.

And then there’s this tweet, which is a little too relatable.

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