These Notorious ‘Gilmore Girls’ Guys Have An Idea Who Rory’s Baby-Daddy Might Be

Colin and Finn may represent the worst of Logan Huntzberger’s privilege and elitism, but that doesn’t stop the duo from being two of Gilmore Girls‘ most beloved characters.

While Logan’s brand of scholarly preppiness often comes across as arrogant and condescending, Colin and Finn embrace their absurd wealth and family connections by behaving in a way the rest of us might if we suddenly won the lottery: stumbling about in drunken stupors, planning elaborate theme parties, organizing ridiculous stunts, and refraining from using the letter “E.”

All of this aside, like their characters, Tanc Sade (Finn) and Alan Loayza (Colin) are defiantly #TeamLogan.

At the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in Kent, Connecticut on Saturday, the two yacht aficionados spoke on a panel about the Life & Death Brigade (Yale’s fictional secret society). More importantly, they weighed in on those final four words in the revival — and who they think Rory’s baby daddy is.

Sade pointed at himself and laughed, Bustle reports, but Loayza answered seriously: “It’s gotta be Logan.”

“That’s purely from a selfish standpoint,” he continued, “because we would be the uncles. So if they bring it back, we would be doing crazy uncle stuff and probably putting the baby in some Life & Death Brigade adventures… A little mini umbrella for the baby.”

He admitted he could see Amy Sherman-Palladino throwing a “curve ball” and choosing Jess, judging by the wistful eye contact at the end.

“But, in the world, I think I am Team Logan,” he closed.

Team Logan or no, having the Yale alum as Rory’s baby daddy would certainly be full circle, especially if Logan were an absent — though wealthy — father figure like Christopher was to Rory. Still, if there’s anything the show has taught us, it’s that sharing a kid does not true love make.

In omnia paratus.


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