This Resort Has Instagram Butlers So You Can Achieve The Perfect Vacation Photo

Vacations mean a few things. One, a break from real life and two, Instagrams that are so perfect they envoke envy in all who hit the like button. Getting the perfect Instagram is no easy feat. You have to get the angle, pose, location and outfit all perfect. You have to entrust someone to snap the perfect photo for you, which is hard if your designated Instagram photographer isn’t vacationing with you.

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort has understandably recognized this important first-world problem and is trying to find a solution. The resort announced that they have hired Instagram Butlers to help guests achieve the perfect photo.

Instagram Butlers are more like Insta gurus in my opinion. The Insta Butlers are supposed to take guests on the resorts Instagram Trail showing the guests the best Instagrammable locations at the resort.

The butlers are also supposed to teach guests about lighting, when is the best time to take photos, posing and angels. Not only will you be able to relax on an island and have fire photos, but you’ll also leave a better Instagrammer.

Guests can even take a yoga class that is dedicated to teaching them all the best yoga poses for the ‘gram.

The Instagram based updates are ideal for millennials and influencers alike. Not only will your Instagrams be fire on vacation, but will remain that way thanks to everything you’ll learn while on vacation.

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